How Utilities Make Money

A combined gas and electric utility had a problem: A delayed rate case was soon to be implemented and the result was a substantial increase in rates. Our client wanted its employees to understand how utilities make money so that they could accurately explain to their family and friends that the imminent rate hike was not due to an increase in the utility’s profits.


Enerdynamics was tasked with developing a half-day course (no longer than four hours) appropriate for employees of all levels and types, from field personnel to accountants. Working with the client’s subject matter experts (SMEs), Enerdynamics built a live seminar that explained the complex topic of utility earnings in simple and easy-to-understand terms. The course included information specific to that utility. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and the training event is now in its third year.


Such success led Enerdynamics to customize the course for another utility with similar results. The program was presented to more than 400 employees in its first year offered as a company-sponsored training event.


Enerdynamics can customize all or any part of this curriculum for your company. Contact us for more information on this training opportunity.