ISO Market Basics Online Program

An Independent System Operator (ISO) wanted a simple way to teach new employees, veteran employees, market participants, and regulators what the business of an ISO is. And, as often occurs, training time and dollars were limited and posed a big concern. The ISO asked Enerdynamics to cooperatively develop both a live seminar and an online training course that explains ISO markets to those with little or no background in electric markets.

Enerdynamics’ course designers and subject matter experts worked with a team of experienced ISO employees selected by the ISO training department to determine the right content and to develop techniques that explain the content in a simple yet accurate manner. The live seminar was developed first and pilot classroom courses were taught prior to beginning online development. With the course material further refined, Enerdynamics developed an online course consisting of nine short modules plus a market simulation exercise. The live seminar was taught for ISO employees, market participants, and regulators. The online course is now part of the basic onboarding program for all new ISO employees.

Enerdynamics can customize all or any part of its online curriculum for your company or can develop new custom online training. Contact us for more information on how we can help make your employees knowledgeable from Day One.