Fundamentals of Power Markets for Sales Engineers

A major global technology company providing power plant and environmental services to utilities and independent power producers came to Enerdynamics with a desire to help its sales engineers better understand the needs of its customers as the industry evolves. The company’s senior vice president responsible for customer relationships was hearing customers say that its salesforce didn’t understand the challenges facing energy companies in today’s ever-changing environment.

In response, Enerdynamics developed a one-and-one-half day classroom program covering the fundamentals of regulated and competitive power markets. The seminar looked at how companies in each type of market make money and how a technology company can assist market participants in achieving business success.

To create the program, Enerdynamics began with its existing content on power markets and how utilities make money. An Enerdynamics team consisting of a course designer and an electric markets subject matter expert worked with various experienced client employees to hone the material that best fit the audience. The seminar was delivered to participants ranging from vice-presidents to field engineers. Originally delivered in the U.S., it has since been adapted for sales engineers working in Canadian markets.

Enerdynamics can customize all or any part of this curriculum for your company. Contact us for more information on how we can help your employees understand power markets and how your products and services can help your energy clients be successful.