Natural Gas Gas Operations

Length: 40 minutes
Subscription: 15 days
Cost: $59.00
Prerequisites: None

This course explains how the natural gas physical system is operated, how transactions are scheduled and tracked, and the rules that operators use to ensure safe and reliable operation of the system. This module is also included in the full-length course, Gas Industry Overview.

What you will learn

  • Who is responsible for system operations and how these entities relate to other market participants
  • How the physical system is operated to ensure gas is delivered where customers have requested
  • The nominations and scheduling processes and why they are important to market participants
  • The various operational rules such as flow orders, curtailments, and balancing that are used to manage market participants’ activities on open access pipelines and distribution systems
  • Why accounting for physical transactions is a necessary component of the gas operations function
  • The critical importance of maintenance and emergency response


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