Combined Electricity/Natural Gas Revenue Requirements and Ratemaking

Length: About 75 minutes
Subscription: 15 days
Cost: $79.00
Prerequisites: None

This course addresses the key concept of the revenue requirement and the three types of ratemaking: cost-of-service, incentive, and market-based. This module is also included in the full-length course, Energy Regulation Fundamentals.

What you will learn

  • The three key types of ratemaking and when each is appropriate
  • What a revenue requirement is and how it is determined
  • The process by which cost-based rates are set
  • The principles of incentive ratemaking and market-based rates, and the situations in which they are commonly used
  • How ratemaking differs for non-profit entities such as municipal utilities, co-ops, and Independent System Operators
  • How the ratemaking process impacts earnings for energy companies


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