Combined Electricity/Natural Gas Concepts of Natural Gas and Electricity Deregulation

Length: 55 minutes
Subscription: 15 days
Cost: $69.00
Prerequisites: None
This course introduces the principles behind deregulation and the key details that must be addressed for deregulation to work effectively. The course looks closely at wholesale and retail markets and examines the key issues affecting the successful transition of regulated markets to competitive markets. This module is also included in the full-length course, Energy Regulation Fundamentals.

What you will learn

  • What deregulation is and the reasons for implementing it
  • The concept of unbundling services and how it applies to gas and electric markets
  • The key conditions necessary for functioning competitive wholesale and retail markets
  • The key concepts associated with deregulation in wholesale markets including open access, market power, and sufficient supply
  • The key concepts associated with deregulation in retail markets including sufficient numbers of competitors, provider of last resort, consumer protection, price volatility, reliability, and public goods programs
  • The transition mechanisms used when markets are transitioning from regulated to competitive
  • The concerns many market participants have regarding deregulation
  • The evolution and current status of natural gas and electric deregulation in the United States


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