Gas Fundamentals for Power Markets Seminar for ISOs

In the last two years, ISOs traditionally dependent on coal-fired power for maintaining system reliability have seen a number of coal units replaced with natural gas units. Unlike coal units that store coal onsite, gas units are dependent on gas pipelines and markets to reliably deliver supply when power plants are called to run. A large U.S. ISO realized that basic assumptions on fuel availability for its generation fleet were no longer valid, and it identified a need to quickly develop an understanding of gas systems and markets among key personnel. Seeking a provider with deep knowledge of both gas and electric markets as well as an ability to deliver material in a clear and meaningful way, the ISO turned to Enerdynamics to develop a day-long seminar that would provide ISO staff with the key knowledge needed to understand the physical, market, and tariff factors that impact gas supply availability for power plants.

Enerdynamics proposed a seminar that combined its courses on the physical gas system, gas markets, and electric markets. To ensure expertise in all areas of the curriculum, Enerdynamics used two facilitators – an expert on electric markets and another expert on gas markets. The seminar was delivered to an audience including ISO professionals as well as market participants. The same course was again customized and later taught multiple times at another ISO, with an abbreviated version taught to its executive team.

Enerdynamics can provide similar customized content on natural gas and/or electric markets focused specifically on your organization’s needs. Contact us for more information.